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CT Scan & MRI
Comparison and Indications
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Before requesting advanced imaging for your patients, it is important to match your differential diagnoses with the best modality, to help rule in or out these conditions. Often at times, X-ray alone will provide just as much information needed to rule out conditions. Although advanced imaging is superior, it may not add much more benefit in certain conditions. As always, feel free to discuss with our radiologists the applicability and suitability of advanced imaging for your specific patient.
  CT scan MRI
Nasal/ Oral Cavity (chronic discharge, chronic sneezing, facial swelling, masses, upper resp tract)
Retrobulbar Region (masses, swelling etc)
Brain (seizures, CN deficits, Neurological localization to the Head)
Middle Ear (otitis, head tilt, etc)
Muscle/ Tendon (shoulder lameness, instability, masses)
Joints/ Bones (joint dysplasia, bone lesions, fractures etc)
Abdomen (chronic or acute abdomen presentations, PSS, mass lesions etc)
Specialist imaging
technicians and radiologists required. These protocols are not common.
Spinal Cord/ Canal (ataxia, localized pain, paralysis, paresis etc)
Thorax (dyspnoea, metastatic disease, coughing, pleural effusions, masses etc)
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