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< Back Computer Tomography (CT) Scan Case Study #5 短毛家貓 Domestic Shorthair (DSH)
Domestic Shorthair (DSH), Male, 11 years old
Clinical History:
Coughing for few times a day. Right nose has yellow nasal discharge. Thoracic ultrasound discover mass lesion in chest.
In the cranial mediastinum, there are three irregular ill-defined 15 to 20mm structures, which show severely heterogeneous enhancement. These represent both the sternal and cranial mediastinal lymph nodes.
Further caudally and to the left of the heart, still in the mediastinum, there is a poorly defined mass with similar enhancing pattern characteristics, extending at the heart base and further caudally in the caudodorsal mediastinum, especially around the oesophagus. This mass is displacing the carina to the right, is encircling and partially compressing the left cranial and left caudal bronchi.
The middle mediastinal mass seems to be infiltrative in the peribronchial tissues of the left caudal lung lobe and this leads to a mass in this lobe, measuring about 15mm in diameter, with peripheral enhancement.
Very aggressive diffuse mediastinal process with cranial mediastinal and sternal lymphadenopathy, mediastinal and pleural effusion, possibly also tracheobronchial lymphadenopathy, with infiltration to the left caudal lung lobe (mass). Secondary compression of the left main bronchi. This is most likely a neoplastic process. The possibilities include hemangiosarcoma, undifferentiated sarcoma, lymphoma, less likely primary carcinoma of the lung with secondary invasion of the mediastinum. A disseminated granulomatous process, namely fungal, cannot be entirely ruled out but is far less likely.
Strong suspicion of metastasis to the right caudal lung lobe.
Strong suspicion of metastasis to the retroperitoneal space.
*** The above case is for reference only. If you have any questions concerning your pet's condition, please discuss with your veterinarian. ***
Nodule in the right caudal lung lobe (left); right-sided deviation of the carina (middle); compression of the left bronchi (right).
Mediastinal mass.
Mediastinal mass and left caudal lung lobe mass.
Mediastinal mass extension around the oesophagus and left caudal lung lobe mass.
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