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< Back Computer Tomography (CT) Scan Case Study #3 威爾斯柯基犬 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke), Male, 7 years old
Clinical History:
Oral melanoma identified.
The right prescapular (deep cervical) lymph node is mildly enlarged (14x8.5mm) compared with the left (9.5x5.0mm) but has homogeneous enhancement. There is moderate to marked osteophytic productions at the margins of the left shoulder. The right shoulder is looking normal.
At the lateral aspect of the left branch of the mandible, left zygomatic arch, left mandibular salivary gland, there is a very large mass measuring 5 to 6cm in diameter and 9cm in length. The mass apparently originated from the buccal mucosa. This mass is displacing medially and dorsally and potentially invading the left zygomatic salivary gland. One of the left submandibular lymph node is normal. The other left lymph node is not visible and the mass extends up to this level. Therefore, it is highly suspected that the mass has already invaded the lateral/ventral left submandibular lymph node. The left medial retropharyngeal lymph node is three times the volume of the right (7.5mm vs. 4mm in diameter).
Left sided buccal melanoma as already known, with local soft tissue aggressiveness, suspected invasion and/or metastasis to the left submandibular, left medial retropharyngeal and right prescapular LN.
No suspicion of thoracic metastasis.
Moderate to marked left shoulder osteoarthritis.
*** The above case is for reference only. If you have any questions concerning your pet's condition, please discuss with your veterinarian. ***
Left buccal mass with heterogeneous enhancement and retrobulbar mild invasion.
Left buccal mass with invasion or secondary involvement of the submandibular lymph node.
Left medial retropharyngeal LN involvement and possible right prescapular reaction.
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