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< Back Computer Tomography (CT) Scan Case Study #18 西伯利亞雪橇犬, Siberian Husky
Clinical History:
Changed diet for 1 month, urination more than normal. Urinary incontinence noticed, seems to be wet himself more lately. Hypercalcemia was the main reason for a CT scan. Reason for a whole body scan would be looking at any traumatic finding caused by hypercalcemia.
Diagnostic interpretation:
Head: Within the nasal cavity there is thickening of the muscosa associated with the ventral nasal meatus and nasopharyngeal meatus. This thickening is symmetrical and bilateral and causes occlusion of the airways.There is some mineral deposit within the lens of the left globe. There is dystrophic mineralization present within the supra-orbital ligaments, dura of the cervical spinal cord and external ear canals..
Thorax: The superficial cervical lymph nodes are mildly enlarged with a diameter of 8-11mm. There is consolidation within the ventral tips of the right and left cranial lung lobes. These regions of the lobes are opacified and contain air bronchograms. There is a mild reduction in lobar volume bilaterally. Elsewhere within the lung lobes there is a moderate bronchial pattern and regions of unstructured interstitial infiltrate. The oesophagus is distended with gas along its length. Associated with the caudal magin of the left caudal lung lobe there is a small airfilled bleb.
Abdomen: The kidneys have a normal structure and smooth margination. There is an accumulation of uroliths within the dependent portion of the urinary bladder. These are spikey and angular and have a diameter of up to 5mm.
1) Suspected rhinitis within the ventral and caudal nasal cavities 2) Ventral lobar consolidation within the lungs 3) Left caudal lung lobe bleb formation 4) Multiple sites of mineral deposition and urolithiasis 5) Superficial cervical lymphadenopathy
*** The above case is for reference only. If you have any questions concerning your pet's condition, please discuss with your veterinarian. ***
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Musosal thickening within the ventral nasal meatus
Left lens mineralization
Ventral lobar Consolidation
Small belb in left caudal lung lobe
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