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Computer Tomography (CT)
< Back Computer Tomography (CT) Scan Case Study #15 英國短毛貓, British Shorthair,
Clinical History:
Hx of chronic nasaal discharge. Biopsy 5 years ago chronic rhinitis (allergies). Now epistaxis. Also chronic IBD diarrhoea post ICCJ removal of alimentery lymphoma.
Diagnostic interpretation:
The left frontal sinus is filled with non-contrast enhancing soft tissue material. There is a moderate amount of soft tissue material along the left nasal passage and a smaller amount in the left nasal passage and nasopharynx. There is no evidence of lysis of the paranasal bones, There is no evidence of lymphadenopathy.
The liver has a homogeneous attenuation. The spleen is normal. The adrenal glands have a normal size. The gastrointestinal tract is normal. The transverse colon is distended with fluid. There is a 3 x 3mm, mineral body in the renal pelvis/ medulla of the left kidney. There are small, hypoattenuating cortical defects in both kidneys, representing chronic infarcts.1 The mesenteric lymph nodes are mildly enlarged (6mm thick).
1. Soft tissue material in the right and left nasal passages (L>R), left frontal sinus and nasopharynx with mild turbinate destruction.
2. Chronic infarcts in both kidneys. The mineral body in the left kidney represents a calculus or dystrophic mineralization.
3. There is no evidence of gastrointestinal masses.
4. Mildly enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes. These could be reactive or less likely neoplastic.
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Normal thickening of the ileocolic junction.
Soft tissue in the left frontal sinus and nasal passage.
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