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Computer Tomography (CT) Scan Case Study #14
Golden Retriever, Male Neutered, 12 years old
Clinical History:
Synovial sarcoma removed by midfemoral amputation by referring vet Local recurrence in stump.
Diagnostic interpretation:
Abdomen/Pelvis The mid-femoral amputation on the right side is visible. Surrounding the distal stump of the femur there is heterogeneous soft tissue that forms a local mass. This soft tissue extends around the remaining femur and up its cranial margin. The femur itself appears lucent from normal, probably due to disuse, however does exhibit some periosteal lipping on its medial margin, which confirms osseous invasion by the mass. There is moderate degenerative joint disease within both coxofemoral joints (R>L). The right medial iliac lymph node is moderately enlarged and heterogeneous with a diameter of approximately 1cm.
Thorax There is a solitary rounded nodule within the right caudal lung lobe at the level of the 6th rib. It measures approximately 3mm in diameter. There is left sided mediastinal shift and corresponding left lobar volume loss. There are multiple intervertebral disc protrusions along the thoracolumbar vertebral column. Both biceps tendons exhibit dystrophic mineralization.
1) Heterogeneous invasive mass lesion associated with the remaining right femur and in close association with the right pelvic body. 2) Local right medial iliac lymphadenopathy 3) Solitary pulmonary nodules 4) Degenerative disc disease 5) Bilateral chronic bicipital tendinopathy
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Demonstrates the heterogeneous mass within the right pelvic limb.
Demonstrates the mass in sagittal and dorsal reconstructions
Demonstrates the mass in sagittal and dorsal reconstructions
Demonstrates the osseous changes in the stump.
solitary pulmonary nodule.
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