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Mongrel, Female, 9 years old
Clinical History:
Mass found in carpal region of left foreleg. Soft tissue sarcoma found on Left Hind Limb in previously. Fine Needle Aspiration showed sarcoma-like cells. Recently swelling on lateral carpus of Left Fore Limb is found.
There is no evidence of degenerative joint disease in the shoulders. There is a focal (7.5mm), poorly defined hypoattenuating lesion in the lesser tubercle of the left humerus.
There are osteophytes in the anconeal process and medial coronoid process of both elbows. The medial coronoid processes are sclerotic. No evidence of aggressive bone lesions is noted.
Left carpus
There is a poorly defined soft tissue mass with a homogeneous contrast enhancement in the lateral aspect of the carpus (approximately 13 x 7.6 x 22mm, CrCd x LM x PxDs). There is no evidence of bone lysis. There is a mildly irregular new bone formation in proximolateral cortex of the 5th left metacarpal bone adjacent the mass.
There are osteophytes in the accessory carpal bone of the left carpus.
Right carpus
There are multiple osteophytes in accessory carpal bone. An irregular bone fragment (7.9 x 3.3mm) is seen in the dorsal aspect of the bone.
1. Soft tissue mass in the lateral aspect of the left carpus with a mild periosteal reaction in the 5th metacarpal bone but no evidence of bone lysis.
2. Hypoattenuating lesion in the left humerus.
3. Osteophytes in the right and left accessory carpal bone. This can be secondary to a previous hyperextension injury. The small mineral fragment in the right side can represent an avulsion fragment. Correlation with the orthopaedic exam is recommended.
4. Bilateral degenerative joint disease in the elbows. This can be secondary to a mild medial coronoid disease.
*** The above case is for reference only. If you have any questions concerning your pet's condition, please discuss with your veterinarian. ***
Contrast enhancing thickening in the lateral aspect of the left carpus.
Periosteal reaction adjacent to the mass.
Hypoattenuating lesion in the proximal left humerus.
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