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< Back Computer Tomography (CT) Scan Case Study #6 薩路基獵犬 Saluki
Saluki, Male, 9 years old
Clinical History:
Depressed. Mild anemia, reduced platelets, mild high Globulin, total bilirubin raised. Large mass within the mid abdomen on ultrasound. Free abdominal fluid.
There is a low level of peritoneal effusion. This fluid accumulates in pockets and has a relatively high attenuation value of 20-30 CT numbers. There is a large soft tissue mass extending from the body of the spleen. This mass measures approximately 13cm in diameter. It has a heterogeneous attenuation with central hypoattenuating regions. It demonstrates hazy irregular contrast enhancement that is most marked on the periphery. Several margins of the mass are irregular and have fluid tracking from the mass into the local peritoneum. The splenic lymph node is rounded and enlarged. It measures 1.6cm in diameter and exhibits some heterogeneous contrast enhancement. The large splenic mass is markedly compressing the portal vein. At the height of compression the portal vein only has a diameter of 1mm. As a result of this compression there is evidence of collateral formation and prominence to the peritoneal vasculature.
The liver is subjectively within normal limits. The stomach is moderately distended with gas and fluid and does not exhibit any abnormalities. The intestinal tract is subjectively normal. There is a low level of pleural effusion present. This effusion is left sided and causes atelectasis of the left lung lobes.
The lungs do not have any visible nodular disease. The caudal aspect of the heart is visible and is subjectively normal. No pericardial effusion is present.
Large splenic mass with irregular margination suggestive of capsular rupture
Splenic lymphadenopathy
Compression of the portal vein and secondary collateral formation
Pleural and peritoneal effusion
*** The above case is for reference only. If you have any questions concerning your pet's condition, please discuss with your veterinarian. ***
Demonstrate the splenic mass and associated pathologies in the abdomen and thorax.
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